I Don't Mind (if we talk about it) 

I Don't Mind (if we talk about it) - New Single

“I don’t mind if we talk about I and I don’t mind if we drop the subject completely”.


Unlike much of the music I’ve released recently, this song cuts to the chase when it comes to situations where the original intent of the conversation is lost and the end game becomes “one-upping” the other person.

It essentially is self-counseling and healing of sorts that says. “All I wanted to do is have an honest and open conversation to work through this situation/our differences to resolve, grow and move on however, it looks as if we have two different agendas. So, you win…congratulations…I’m good”.

The last verse reflects on relationships where the same pattern continues to repeat itself (“Round and round on this carousel”) and the game, stakes, and point score gets higher and higher, “In make believe, face the music and face the truth…and end this union”. Pretty dramatic statement however, self-preservation and consideration; including sparing the other person from the continual energy drain sometimes is the most logical option. The scenario permeates all levels of relationships from personal to business.

OK, now that I’ve got that off of my chest, here’s the fun part. “I Don't Mind" is a song that has been two decades in the making. Many of the original tracks were recorded in Los Angeles years ago with a well-known Hip Hop producer and engineer.

I was fascinated by Hip Hop beats and musical textures in general and wanted to experiment with mixing two completely different musical styles. After hours in the studio, I got what I wanted. Only regret is I couldn’t complete many of the in-process LA tracks because I was in the midst of moving to KY. When I moved to KY, I started a cover band to just have fun. However, as a songwriter, music ideas and the urge to paint from an empty pallet continue to tug at your heart strings. I finally returned to the studio in KY to begin recording. The LA tracks were resurrected [thanks to Jason Groves @ Sneak Attack Studios] and an amazing line up of musicians; including drummer Chad Gravitt, completed the track. Fast forward to now. Jamie Stoffa @Jamesstoffa lent his ear and expertise to the track and delivered what you will hear. 

This one ranks among my favorites. The journey of this song has been long but heart and passion are well represented in the composition, performances, and production. Enjoy, reflect.


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