On and On 

Sound advice 


[I can’t stop] my appetite for you 

Advice [they say] 

I can make it without you 

It’s a love song, right? Nah…love is overrated!

With all seriousness, the beauty of music is it is subject to interpretation…

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I Don't Mind (if we talk about it) 

I Don't Mind (if we talk about it) - New Single

“I don’t mind if we talk about I and I don’t mind if we drop the subject completely”.


Unlike much of the music I’ve released recently, this song…

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The process of recording music: Like baking, and eating a cake!

There is big difference between the traditional recording process and performing live. 

A way to look at it is recording and performing is much like baking and eating a…

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By most accounts, this word is not something one aspires to be. If you Google it:    

me·di·o·cre  /ˌmēdēˈōkər/  

The word mediocre comes from the Latin word 'mediocris' meaning 'moderate or ordinary'. The original meaning of that…

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Paint By Numbers 

The song Paint by Numbers was written at a time in my life where proper songwriting structure was being shoved down my throat. I was actually shopping my music to various record companies and, after a while, as almost expected…

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The Crossing - Lyrics 

How does it feel to escape the living? 
No need to worry 'bout the next day 
Singing, soaring 
Born among the angels 
At last your demons cast away 

Did you finally feel 
The calm in fading 
Or did St. Peter…

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